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Today I called it a day earlier and enjoyed the 5°C hot sunshine. You will probably notice by now with ease, I went up my backyard mountain again and enjoyed the sunset. The scenery was dimmed by three women who loadly yelled all the time, quite annoying. I had to take the sneaky backpath detour, because the tree service had closed off the main one due to felling activities of dead and sick ashes. Some sections were one thick sheet of slippery ice. But I made it safely. Sunset behind some trees The flag disintegrates even further. The more it is ripped apart, the higher the windage is, resulting in a nice death spiral. But this silly, flapping fabric doesn’t affect the moods over here as you can see by the two snowmen somebody had built. https://lyse.isobeef.org/waldspaziergang-2022-01-24/

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