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@tkanos@twtxt.net Well, I still have an iPhone 6 I bought in 2015 perhaps. It’s not receiving the newest iOS, so I cannot use all the apps, but those still working

I’ve replaced the battery twice, and the screen once (I dropped the phone), besides that it’s pretty decent hardware. I won’t say they are better than Android, but for the price, you receive something good.

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@hacker-news@feeds.twtxt.net well, that has happened since the iPhone appeared. With more expensive hardware, you are more willing to spend more on the hard stuff (cases, accessories), and the soft part (apps of 1-10 USD, perhaps) I guess it’s something similar on cars, homes, travels and such 🤔

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Mine is a 6 SE (bought in 2015) and I changed the baterry once, and the screen twice. So as it is working. I don’t see why I would change (I promise myself if one day trying to repair what it needs I break it, I’ll at that time change)

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IPhone owners are generally happier than Android users, the survey found, and have greater spending power. lol

I switch from an iPhone 7 to an 11. And now I switch to an 13 Pro because of my wife. Still using my MacBook Air Mid 2013….

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