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Many many years ago, I used to run a free shell service (Linux of course). What if I started offering this again? 🤔

@prologic (#cbruy4q) “Consider using Alpine for a more feature rich system or any other “heavier” / “full featured” distro.” 👅 I guess it’s a more “feature rich” system compared to ulinux. I run X on OpenBSD and cwm as a simple, clean desktop. I also use their webserver

@prologic (#cbruy4q) that would be super cool. This might be very similar to what the tilde community has own their hosted server (from what I understand). I am thinking this kind of service are great for ppl that don’t know or don’t have the resources to run their own linux/unix distro but want to learn how the system works. When you did that in the past, who were using it?

@prologic (#cbruy4q) cool. You make it sound really simple. Is it just a Linux install where you create accounts that are not root and give the accounts credentials to the users? Or is there more to that?

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