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Recent twts in reply to #bmuejga

Speaking of Yarn and/or Twtxt + Activity Pub integration… Been thinking… If a decision is made to turn this into a full-fledged Twtxt bridging services between Twtxt <-> Activity Pub (which would make things much more transparent, because then yarnd only has to speak Twtxt period)…

What do we (or can we) do about filling in context. Right now with this crappy half-baked implementation I have going (experimental) for yarnd, I can just go grab the Activity Pub Note that the inReplyTo references and inject that into the cache.

With a separate more transparent Twtxt <-> Activity Pub; what do we do? Even if we created a feed for the actor referenced in the inReplyTo you wouldn’t know to follow them anyway…

Hmmm? 🤔

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