#numpy feels a bit like another, harder, language to learn beyond #python :(

A first attempt at a “sand simulator” but it seems too hard…
#py5 #Processing #creativeCoding

import numpy as np
import py5

def setup():

global grid
py5.size(500, 500)
grid = np.zeros((py5.width, py5.height), dtype=bool)

def draw():

py5.set_np_pixels(grid * 255, 'L')

def update_grid():

for i in reversed(range(grid.shape[0]-1)):
    row, next_row = grid[i], grid[i+1]
        sand = row == 1
    next_row_empty = next_row == 0
    falling = sand & next_row_empty
    row[falling] = 0   
    next_row[falling] = 1

def mouse_dragged():

x = py5.mouse_x % py5.width
y = py5.mouse_y % py5.height
if py5.is_key_pressed:
             x-2:x+3] = 1
    <a href="https://twtxt.net/search?q=tags:grid">#grid</a>[y, x] = 1
    grid[y][x] = 1

py5.run_sketch() code and a black window with white pixels accumulated in the lower part a bit like an histogram or a landscape with a mountain and some spikes (towers?) on top

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