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Meeting notes for tonight. Definitely an interesting talk tonight with @prologic@twtxt.net and @ocdtrekkie@twtxt.net. I think Yarn.social might have come up once or twice. :)

  • ISP shenanigans, including
    • Port restrictions
    • IPv6 adoption
    • Reliability
  • Sandstorm, the self-hosting system @ocdtrekkie@twtxt.net is working on
  • Consuming social media via e-mail
  • Programming languages as an indicator of program quality
  • Pine{Time,Phone}
  • “Sideloading”

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@mckinley Thanks for taking the notes! We should collect the Twt Hashes of these notes together somewhere 👌 Also I’m reminded to get off my lazy butt and finish the Sandstorm support for yarnd 😅

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