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@prologic, I think it’s about time I try out Salty. I followed from the instructions on the website, and it didn’t go too well. I suspect it’s because the local path from my JSON file (/01G268YYHWGNYT9M1M9760KP83) on mckinley.cc doesn’t return anything because I don’t have a broker set up there.

I seem to have registered mckinley@mills.io when experimenting with it, but I didn’t know until recently because of a very confusing output. That account does exist, though, because it shows up when using salty-chat lookup.

TL;DR: I want to try Salty. I’m very confused. Would you mind if I use your broker for now? Is there a way to do that and still be mckinley@mckinley.cc? If not, could you delete mckinley@mills.io so I can register it again? That private key is long gone.

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