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I just built a poc search engine / crawler for Twtxt. I managed to crawl this pod ( and a couple of others (sorry @etux and @xuu I used your pods in the tests too!). So far so good. I might keep going with this and see what happens 😀

(#37xr3ra) @prologic yeah it reads a seed file. I’m using mine. it scans for any mention links and then scans them recursively. it reads from http/s or gopher. i don’t have much of a db yet.. it just writes to disk the feed and checks modified dates.. but I will add a db that has hashs/mentions/subjects and such.

(#37xr3ra) Wait… So you actually wrote a more elaborate crawler without taking a shortcut like I did using colly (not that it really helps much) Hmmm? 🤔 Can we take it a bit further, make a daemon/server out of it, a web interface to search what it crawls using bleve and some tools (API, Web UI) to let people add more “feeds” to crawl? 🤔

@prologic (#37xr3ra) sounds about right. I tend to try to build my own before pulling in libs. learn more that way. I was looking at using it as a way to build my twt mirroring idea. and testing the lex parser with a wide ranging corpus to find edge cases. (the pgp signed feeds for one)

(#37xr3ra) As a quick experiment, I modified my code to remove the domain restrictions and low and behold:

All done!
Crawled 516 feeds
Found 52464 twts
Found 736 feeds

The Twtxt network is larger than I thought. A significant no. of feeds no longer work obviously, but that’s okay, we can prune dead feeds out.

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