Introducing Twt Blogs

Introducing Twt Blog Posts

TL;DR: has come a long way since its first launch on the 20th July 2020. Since then the first inaugural
pod has seen over 1.5M hits/month (and growing!), there are now 4 other pods and we now support Cross-pod mentions, traditional IndieWeb WebMentions, Media Uploads and now
Blog Posts!

Where it all began

It all started one late evening when I was on vacation, poking around the Inter-webs (as I often do) looking for “decentralised
social media” that I could self-host. Read more…

Then I spent a little while hacking on a cool little command-line client by @quite called twet aptly written in Go (a programming language I really love!). I improved
this client for a week or two and then decided to write my own web-based client. I had no idea at the time it was going to turn
into what it has become today! Read more…

The rest is history, and if you’ve read this far you are welcome to read my other blog posts on the story so far:

And now finally this blog post itself, where I have hopefully written the first ever Twt Blog Post! 🎉


Like any project in its early infancy, we had some criticisms. For example How does twtxt compare to Mastodon?. We of course welcome and and all feedback, both good and bad! And on this
particular occasion I can tell you with great pride and confidence that, No,, are nothing like Mastodon.

Come join us at Join Twt and bring in the new era of social media the way it was suppose to be!

Happy Twt’ing! 🤗

if you’ve read this far, you probably realise but now that you can actually comment on this post directly if you are a Twt user on
this pod! Please do!


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