Interesting things to do in an epidemic

Interesting things to do in an Epidemic

TL;DR: This post is all about how we find interesting things to do in when we’re faced with lock-down, nowhere to go and
nothing to do! The recent epidemic #covid19 (still ongoing to date) has reacquainted us with old activities mixed with new

One afternoon I took my two young daughters on a walk down to our nearby local creek. They love playing in that creek
(heaven knows why!). After we had sufficiently got bored of playing in the water and throwing stones across the surface, we
proceeded to go for a bigger walk around the neighbourhood.

Low and behold my children started to spot some interesting things along the way! (Since I’m almost totally blind, I would
never have spotted them!

A #Bluey !!! That’s right 🤣 I was shocked when I started taking these pictures! At first I thought what an odd thing to do…


Another #Bluey (not I’m sure I’m getting the names wrong, as I’m pretty sure in the #TV #Show these two are depicted as
brother and sister

There are lots of these little pictures firmly stuck on trees along the path for (what seemed to be) little children to find.

I can only imagine the joy and trill of the people behind this (hopefully whoever it is in our community reads this post one

The interesting things we find to do in a #covid19 lockdown!


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