UX improvement ideas for the Yarn.social rebranding

Hi all,

So this is gonna be a long one. No TLDR.

This is all my idea and notes written down over the last two months about how to improve the twt.social and rebranding it into Yarn.social.
It is a wishlist and an ramble. hopefully not a rant - it is at least not mean as one.
I was also thinking to post this as an issue on github, but let us start the conversation here.

Prioritizing the TODOs



Onboarding / Sign up





Freshness of post

I would like to suggest a way to show how old a post is, that is more visual than the “XX minutes ago”, “XX hours ago” etc.
This would help you to know when you are starting to reach a place in the timeline that you have allready been since you last checked.
I imagine it a bit like a fading flower or plant.

An easy way to implement it would be to colorcode the “XX time ago”:

- X minutes ago (green)
- X hour ago (yellow)
- X days ago (white)
- X weeks ago (grey)

I would like to avoid the use of red since it this used for notification badges and I don’t want o introduce this stress creating feature into our UI.

It could also use a gradient scale from green over yellow to white or some kind of visual counter like: 🍀🍀🍀🍁 or (* * * -)

A way to calculate a gradient or visual counter could be to say 100 hours meaning 100% filled up like the charge of a battery.

- below one hour: 99.X %
- One hour: 99%
- Two hours 98%
- Ten hour: 90%
- One day: 76%
- Two days: 52%
- Five days: 0%

With a number like this between 0 and 100 it would be easy to implement visually using CSS as for example the background color of the date-time element or even using a gradient to have multicolored indications.
Using a color to convey information of course have some pitfalls in relation to accessibility to consider. Right now the information is all ready there (X time ago), but not very visible.

User Journey

Feeds vs. Follow

Would it be an idea to combine the “Create Feed” and “Follow” pages?
In a way they do some of the same thing, but maybe the /feed page is just a mix of too many diffirent things.

UserPage and Settings

Ava--- | NICK
---tar | Tagline

Timeline/Posts | Blog | Followers | Following | Bookmarks

Does NICK follow you? (maybe it should be in the sidemenu...)
- Does NICK follow you? (maybe it should be in the sidemenu...)
- Follow NICK here on PODNAME/URL
- Twtxt (For use in other twtxt clients)
- Atom (For use in other feed readers)
- Block / Report user

Following / Followers / Bookmarks

Private Messages



Being a librarian I’m all for advanced search systems.
So a way to discover new posts and feeds/people to follow would be to have various was to filter the content:


Thank you for reading all this.
Where should we start? What should we be working on and what should stay in the backlog?

Søren Peter”`


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