* 8eef4d5d - (HEAD -> main, origin/main) Add DB restore capability and tools/backu-_db.sh script (19 seconds ago) <James Mills>

Oh well 😅 It works wonderfully!

In the event of a database corruption or loss:

$ URL= ./tools/backup_db.sh > db.json
mv db.json data/db.restore.json
yarnd ...

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Very humid 20°C, cloudy and partially raining. That was today’s weather when we went into the woods and paid or backyard mountain a visit: https://lyse.isobeef.org/waldspaziergang-2024-06-14/ Not very many folks around, looked like they all feared the liquid sunshine. The visibiliy was fairly mixed. Pretty clear in the west, we could see the Stuttgart TV tower 38.55km away (04). But very hazy to the north (03) when a rain cloud appeared.

Chestnut face nailed to a tree stump

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I just replicated the duplication of twtxts. To do so, simply click “Edit”, wait for the textarea to come up with the post you are “editing”, and navigate away. Done.

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